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Born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA, Emily has been riding horses ever since she can remember and took pride in growing up as a 'barn rat' - obsessed with horses and spent hours on end at the stables.


She started off riding in the hunter jumper world and spent summers in Wyoming on a 70-odd horse ranch working with young horses and learning about the western world. Growing up, she fell in love with an Appendix horse (QHxTB) named Lark who she jumped with no gear, and a trick horse named Noir.


Emily moved over to New Zealand at the age of 17 and studied Marketing Management and Veterinary Nursing, and has developed a passion for barrel racing. Emily's role with Hekeao Feed Co. is benefited by her experience working in the Animal Health industry, sales and business experience and interest in equine nutrition. "I currently have three quarter horses. My horses are my life and I am proud to be a founding member of this company."



Josh is one of the founders of Hekeao Feed Co.


A farmer through and though, many of the ingredients for the company's recipes are grown on his farm. Josh had a vision of taking home-grown produce from 'field to feed bowl'. Being able to provide pure, raw, NZ Made products ticked all the boxes and the rest is history.


Prior to farming, Josh spent all of his 20's flying helicopters both in New Zealand and in Australia.